The Best Fashion Events – Complete Guide

Fashion Events - Complete Guide

From Paris Fashion Week to the various designer shows, it’s easy to get lost in the calendar of luxury events. Are you interested in the world of clothing brands and the world of fashion, and want to know the opportunities to dress well this year? Choose your next fashion event from the various shows, shows and exhibitions presented byMadCityZen !

They also represent a kind of art capable of expressing feelings and opulence without words. Here is a selection of carefully categorized fashion events to make you relive fashion from ancient times to the contemporary era.

These events held in the major fashion capitals will trace the beginnings of its history to its current successes. You will discover more better its luxurious and prestigious side.

But also how the cutting edge of technology is harnessed harmoniously alongside fashion and haute couture. Madcityzen,

Discover the world of fashion and luxury

Luxury is an integral part of fashion. It completes the refined and distinguished expression of fashion. Here are some prestigious events that will immerse you in the world of fashion and luxury.

1.1. Special LVMH days, to dive into the world of luxury

LVMH, four mythical letters that designate the world of luxury, a giant of fashion, beauty and taste. In the space of a few very special days, LVMH opened its doors to serve luxury fans and fashion lovers.

The famous house bent over backwards to present its most beautiful profile, but also to reveal some well-kept secrets. It was an unprecedented opportunity, such a rare event does not occur every day!

Behind the scenes of luxury – The little well-kept secrets of the industry

All the employees are on the lookout to welcome and show off their know-how. The house, famous for the quality of its craftsmen, was proud to share such a special and privileged moment with its enthusiasts.

More than 10,000 of them were present to explain and present their crafts. More than 40 different places were mobilized and cared for. They opened their doors to reveal the inner workings of this great machineL VMHwhich makes you dream so much.

The weekend passed quickly, between visits to workshops and sewing, watchmaking, leather goods and jewelry factories, there was no time to breathe! The participants also had the privilege of attending culinary demonstrations and tastings.

Not to mention the conferences on the profession and the luxury sector, the interactive tours in the brand’s workshops and fairs.

The most beautiful events of luxury brands

Let gourmets and sweet lovers sit down and make room at the Grande Epicerie de Paris. The luckiest and the early risers had the pleasure of making a recipe from a great chef.

By registering for this culinary workshop, participants were able to make pastries, desserts, bread and small dishes. An experience assisted by the greatest chefs in the kitchen of the mythical large grocery store.

Dior , the French house par excellence, welcomed into its historic heart, emblematic and full of history at 30 avenue Montaigne of course. The participants were able to stroll for a long time in the salons of the fashion and luxury giant to discover the secrets of the house’s know-how.


Francis Huster, the author of “And Dior created women” gave a lecture during the event on his highly successful book. Likewise for the Berluti brand, the participants had the honor and the privilege of discovering the shoemaker’s workshops.

They had fun taking the measurements, choosing the patterns, cutting out the materials, to reconstruct all the stages in the manufacture of a pair of luxury shoes. The tailor-made shoe workshop was wide open with all its little secrets.

Each participant present was able to sharpen their sense of observation, style and detail. It was an opportunity not to be missed to dive into the world of luxury, an area often reserved for insiders and difficult to access.

It was also an opportunity to learn more about the luxury trades and to meet the individuals at the heart of the craft trade.

Chanel Fashion Week

Maybe you forgot it? During an unforgettable week (like every year), fashionistas and fashion lovers of all kinds were able to discover Chanel Fashion Week in Paris. Fashion shows followed, private sales and VIP events too.

All the beautiful people invaded the capital to discover the creations of the biggest fashion houses in the world. It was Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent without forgettingChanel.

Obviously all eyes were riveted on the clothes and accessories that paraded. But all the excitement of this week also came from the show that the artistic directors offered to their admirers. Attendees could enjoy the music, lights and scenery.

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