Guide to Events for a Successful Christmas

Successful Christmas

Mad City bZen has put together a little event guide for a successful Christmas! During the Christmas period, the streets and alleys are pearly, the garlands, the fir trees and all these plays of light announce the celebration.

This year, how do you plan to spend Christmas? As a family, as a couple or  with friends? In any case, here is a series of events for Christmas that will guide you for an unforgettable end of the year.

 Bargains for Christmas

Christmas is an opportunity for reunions and moments of pleasure. Beyond this festive aspect, Christmas is also a business opportunity. Find out how you can grab a bargain during this time when everyone is rushing to shop.

The Christmas business – New trends

We only talk about that (or almost) every end of the year: the holidays! And more particularly that of Christmas. For some Christmas represents a small child born on the hay in a sheepfold in the midst of friendly animals and generous Three Kings.

For others, he is above all a tall bearded gentleman, dressed in red and white, who only travels in a sleigh pulled by reindeer (high class, isn’t it!). But Christmas is also a real business: decoration, gifts, food, drinks, you name it.

What are the biggest expense items? Where do our trees come from? What are the trends that marked the year? A report by MadCityZen.

In 2016, the average spend had increased by 1.5% compared to the previous year according to a study by the Center for Retail Research conducted for RetailMeNot. That is an average budget of €559 per household!

It’s the ultimate symbol of Christmas! We place the gifts at his foot, we decorate it with the family. Which can sometimes (often) give rise to pretty disputes between siblings to know WHO will hang the star.

There are all kinds and all sizes, for all tastes and all wallets. In recent years, the trend has been even more towards DIY (Do It Yourself) trees with pieces of wood and pallets.

We favor home-made, the Scandinavian atmosphere and recovery. We compete in ingenuity to make a few pieces of wood into an exceptional tree. The Joli Place website offersa selection of tree to make yourself here.

Even if the idea is attractive and much less expensive, the natural fir tree nevertheless remains the essential of the house.

the natural tree

The fir market in France The Sapin Nordmann: This is the star of Christmas trees, it is fragrant, does not lose – or almost does not – lose its needles. And it comes to us mainly from Denmark, so its cost is higher.

Spruce: its direct competitor, its needles are finer and fall in quantity. But its smell of sap is incomparable, and in addition it is grown here, kokorico! Key figures, more than 6 million Christmas trees are sold in France each year.

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