11 Manicure Ideas That Will Make Your Diamond Rings Shine

Diamond Rings Shine

From the color to the very shape of the nail, manicures are the subject of great attention. Indeed the nails of a young bride must be impeccable. Anyone about to receive a marriage proposal knows the importance of keeping their nails in perfect condition while waiting. Then, once a shimmering diamond engagement ring lands on your finger, it’s all about bringing out that natural diamond, whether through out-of-the-ordinary everyday looks or wedding manicures for the day. big day. Here are sparkling shades and original manicures that will appeal to all tastes and will go perfectly with the highlights of a bride’s life, such as the bachelor party, the honeymoon and finally the real wedding party. wedding.

“To know which manicure will go best with your ring, keep two things in mind: color and shape,” advises celebrity manicurist Jin Soon Choi of JINsoon. “I advise to choose colors according to your incarnation; As for the patterns, they must be chosen according to the shape of your diamond. Neutral and classic colors are often chosen when it comes to a diamond ring, but Choi also champions bolder choices. “I like grooms who feel a little funky,” she says.

When it comes to choosing a manicure to accent a wedding band, Darlene Sritapan (Certified Technician and Manager at OPI) explains, “My advice is to stay sober. For the wedding photos, she advises opting for a French or a soft color, such as the Bubble Bath shade. “The ring should be the center of attention, not your fingernails. If you want to emphasize the beauty of the diamond, false nails are a great way to lengthen the fingers. Opt for a classic almond shape. »

Leah Yari, the co-founder of non-toxic nail polish brand, Côte , also notes the prevalence of sheer pink or nude hues to accent a ring. “The subtlety of a soft, sheer tint makes fingers look thinner and longer, these tints pair well with skin tones to really show off the diamond,” she says, pointing out that Coast #6 and #10are the nail polishes most popular with young brides. “The nails should complement the ring, the wedding dress, the flowers and other details, without necessarily stealing the show,” she adds. “Layering sheer and neutral hues helps achieve a nice depth while maintaining that barely visible look. »

According to Jin Soon Choi the color of the ring is a key element in determining the manicure, in order to optimize the natural brilliance of the diamond. “If you have a rose gold ring, avoid cool tones and opt for warmer shades that are more in harmony with this gold color,” she explains. Likewise, if you have a platinum ring, “a cool shade will be perfect,” she adds.

The shape of your diamond ring is another key element when choosing the manicure. “I like to think in a certain geometry, I imagine continuous lines starting from the ring and going to the nail,” says Jin Soon Choi. “For example, an oval ring with a square manicure does not show off the hand. I would recommend a medium length rounded nail instead to elongate the fingers. Jin Soon Choi adds, “Similarly, with a round diamond ring, a round and short manicure will reflect the shape of the diamond and bring a certain harmony. »

The most important thing is of course to choose a manicure that makes you feel good. “Adopt a manicure that you like; nothing is more important than self-confidence,” says Elin Dannerstedt, co-founder of NCLA beauty , a brand of vegan, cruelty-free nail polish and kits.

Discover in the rest of this article the best manicures and nail polish colors to make your natural diamond shine in all its brilliance, according to the four nail pros.

The Perfect Manicure To Go With Your Diamond Ring

Modern French

According to Sritapan, a modern manicure, like a French, is a trendy choice for showcasing diamond rings. “Brides can mix and match, wear a classic French with lace nails. »

For a bolder version, Jin Soon Choi says, “Vivid pastel frenchies with a pale pink base are all the rage right now. » Pro tip: On your wedding day, choose a shade that matches the colors of your outfit and makeup.

Nude Ombré or Baby Boomer nails

“Nude ombré manicures continue to be in style,” says Jin Soon Choi. According to Sritapan this shade is better known as Baby Boomer nails. “They are very fashionable at the moment, the gradient generally goes from pink to white,” explains the OPI expert. This manicure is very versatile – you can opt for short nails to keep it subtle or, for the more daring, you can adopt extra long stiletto nails.

Negative Space

Jin Soon Choi then talks about negative space manicures , explaining, “It’s now very popular to draw pretty shapes on bare nails for instant nail art . She adds, “I’ve also seen a lot of young women drawing curves with nudes and opaque whites; it’s a fun way to incorporate nail art while staying neutral for a wedding

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